Scalpmaster Lather Time Lather Machine


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Out of stock

  • A Lather Machine is a must for the Professional Barber Shop. Until recently there has only been one choice in Lather Machines. Now, the Lather Time machine is ready to ship and offers some nice features to keep plenty of hot lather at your fingertips: Features:
  • A push button for easy dispensing
  • An extra large soap cup for an all day supply (larger than competitor models)
  • A long lasting DC motor.
  • This machine makes great hot, foam lather that is the ideal consistency for shaving.
  • Features a non-slip safety pad that permits one hand operation for soap dispensing.
  • Includes a cleaning brush to keep the nozzle clean and an 8 oz. bottle of liquid shave cream for easy mixing.
  • This machine can also use Campbell's Shave Cream/Cleaner or any other brand of concentrate mix designed for lather machines.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in


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